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Creative Woodturner

Creative Woodturner is software for woodturners who want to get the most out every piece of wood. You simply draw the outline of your woodturning using the mouse, and instantly a photo-realistic 3D view of your woodturning appears. You can rotate the 3D view, making sure that your woodturning design looks great from all angles.

The innovative 3D viewer is at the core of Creative Woodturner. It is the first woodturning design software that shows a real-time, photo-realistic view of your woodturning.

The 3D Viewer is always shown on the side of the screen, and instantly reflects any modifications you make to your woodturning design.

140 Wood Images

Supplied with Creative Woodturner are over 140 wood images, ranging from common hardwoods and man-made materials to exotic and figured woods, which you can choose for your woodturning. Thanks to the software�s revolutionary true grain technology, every type of wood can be used to create a photo-realistic image of your woodturning.

Creative Woodturner also takes away the worry of having to decide which is the best way to orientate your wood in your woodturning. The program allows you to choose the grain direction and scale of the wood to simulate cross, end or side grain woodturning.

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