In the press

British Woodworking, Issue No. 3
"The beauty is the 3D viewer which is continually updated on the design screen in real time and can be enlarged to give a rendered version in a selected wood. For me the excitement is experimenting with the viewer to save some expensive mistakes at the 'workface'. I would certainly recommend trying this tool and whilst a price tag of nearly £80 might seem expensive to infrequent computer users, believe me this is a reasonable figure for a unique programme and I'm sure it will help stimulate you into turning something just that bit different."

Irish Woodturners' Guild Journal, Issue 32
"This innovative piece of software gives rise to a completely new approach to planning, designing, and even execution of your projects. The impressive real time 3D-viewer permits absolute optimisation of your projects aesthetics - from every angle. A neat "Gallery" function facilitates easy "storage" of our (often so fleeting) inspirations. Beyond any doubt, the creator of this software is ushering us and our craft into the 21st century"

Tool Talk, Woodturning magazine, issue 144
"MDR Software has launched an innovative computer program described as design software for the cutting-edge hand turner. The software is easy to use and includes cutting-edge technology that creates 3D models as well as a number of advanced creative features which should appeal to most turners"

Irish Woodturners' Guild Journal, Issue 31
"The ancient art of woodturning is being transformed with the launch of an innovative software product from MDR Software."

  Professional Turners

"Speedy delivery. Excellent product. I am a full time woodturner involved in teaching as well as commissioned work and will find this package invaluable."
Bill Care, regular contributor to Woodturning magazine, UK

"I cannot possibly emphasize to you how much your excellent CW software has become an integral part of my woodturning business. There has been absolutely no miscommunication whatsoever on a single turning commission since I started using CW. In addition, a part of my turning income is generated by turning precise scale miniatures. Though the little forms may be as tiny as 1:48 (1/4 inch = 1 foot) up to 1:12 (1 inch - 1 foot), CW is still quite beneficial to me! Creative Woodturner has changed the way I do business and has become indispensable to me. Thank you for the fine viewer upgrade, as well."

Debra Bouey, Gallery B, USA

"It's very useful for designing projects for the woodturning workshops that I run. Great Program. Easy to load. The Tutorial -- very easy to follow. I also use it for keeping details of some of my former projects."

Mr. Tobin, Australia

  Survey Comments

"Creative Woodturner has been a very useful programme and the firm is a pleasure to have dealings with."

"Really great program. Enables you to see your finished project before you have started it."

"Dispense with the drawing paper and create real images, before turning that valuable timber into an desirable object not shavings."

"A great tool for experimenting with woodturning design. Lets you see your ideas and experiment without wasting wood."

"Simply incredible!"


"Brilliant to play with saves time in the workshop"

"trés trés bien!"

"The main graphics tool included is only usually available in much more expensive packages."

"Excellent after sales service"

"I am delighted with the software. Thank you"

"I am very delighted to have the facility. Thanks"


"Great little program very easy to use and very useful in this hobby."

"I enjoy using this software, and it really does help to get some ideas before turning. Thanks a lot."

"A good programme, saves time in the workshop"

"Thanks for all the support"

"Very excellent tool"

"I have wanted Creative Woodturner for some time and its every thing I Imagined it would be then some,excellent product."


  What do users think?

91% of users think it is "Brilliant, I don't know what I'd have done without it" and a "Very useful tool"
From a survey of 206 Creative Woodturner users

  Customer Comments

"The best thing since sliced bread. Fantastic"
Mr. Vaughan, UK

"It is brilliant"
Mr. Edwards, Wales

"Simply it is wickedly brilliant! The 3-D viewer is absolutely fantastic! And most importantly, the whole package is easy to use even for those with relatively little IT experience. Fantastic combination of modern technology with old fashioned hand skills. Simply brilliant! Job well Done! WOW!"
Mr. Dickson, UK

"It installed beautifully. We will spread the word here to the woodturning clubs about your software, and also the fantastic service you gave."
Mrs. Melczarek, Australia

"It's an ingenious piece of computer software"
Mr. Bodmer, Northern Ireland

"Thank you for the speedy delivery"
Mr. O'Brien, VA, USA

"Many thanks for your prompt service"
Mr. Riley, South Africa

"Very good in all aspects especially the 3D viewer and design option."
Mr. Coward, UK

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