Creative Woodturner AR

We are excited to announce the launch of Creative Woodturner AR for Android!

This brand new app lets you design your turnings from wherever you are, without the need for a PC. The exciting new AR feature lets you view your turnings in real places using the camera on your device.

of users think it is "Brilliant, I don't know what I'd have done without it" and a "Very useful tool"
From a survey of 206 Creative Woodturner users

Woodturning Design Software

Creative Woodturner is a fantastic addition to all woodturners toolboxes. This woodturning design software allows you to design woodturnings on your computer and see them in stunning 3D realism.

Using the software could not be easier. You simply draw the outline of your woodturning with the mouse and a 3D view of your turning appears as you draw. The 3D view can be rotated so you can look at your woodturning from all angles giving you the chance to perfect every curve and detail.

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Creative Woodturner in action

What is woodturning?

The craft of woodturning can be traced back as far as 1000 BC and has been practiced ever since by both professional and amateur woodturners. Not only a rewarding and relaxing hobby, woodturning is a widely respected artform that gives rise to beautiful and unusual pieces of woodturning.

With woodturning lathes, tools and timbers more readily available than ever before, and the number of clubs, associations and literature dedicated to woodturning increasing year after year, woodturning is one of the most practiced crafts around the world.

One of the many pleasures of woodturning is that satisfying results can be obtained with little experience, but to truly master this craft can take a lifetime.

Woodturning creates a very close and intimate relationship with wood, and it is for this reason why few people know wood as well as woodturners!

In addition, woodturning encourages analysis of the aesthetics of each turned object. For these and many other reasons, woodturning is an exciting and challenging craft.