Realistic 3D Viewer

The stunningly realistic 3D viewer gives you maximum creativity. Creative Woodturner displays a photo-realistic image of your woodturning that is updated as soon as you make changes to the design. You can choose from over 140 wood images to apply to your woodturning.

Stunningly Realistic 3D Rendering

The 3D viewer displays a realistic three-dimensional view of your woodturning, using true-grain technology to simulate the grain pattern.

Rendering of goblet made English Ash
Goblet made from English Ash
Rendering of bowl made wavy-edge wood
End-grain turned bowl
Rendering of goblet made from hexagonal blockwork
Hexagonal Blockwork

The 3D view of your woodturning can be rotated. This allows you to look at the turning from all angles, giving an excellent impression of how the finished woodturning will look.

3D Viewer Position

The 3D viewer is always shown, giving you an impression of the finished turning whenever you make any changes.

Floating view lets you move the view around
Split-screen, with the 3D view above the designer
Full screen view

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