Creative Woodturner is so easy for woodturners to use. As a woodturner you won’t want to spend hours learning how to use the software – so we have made it very easy to design your woodturnings. The software works in the same way that you would plan any woodturning project – you draw the turning, choose the wood, then print the plans to take to your lathe.

Tutorial Video

The tutorial gets you using Creative Woodturner in no time at all. The tutorial takes you step-by-step through a project to design a woodturned bowl. This teaches you all the steps needed to create your own woodturning projects.

Pages Lead you through the Woodturning Design Process

Creative Woodturner has a different page for each stage in the woodturning design process. By working through the pages, you are introduced to the functions of the software as you need them.

The designer

The design page is where you draw the shape of your woodturning. The automatic-mirrored center line and instantly updated 3D view make it as easy as possible to draw your woodturning.

Wood images

A selection of over 140 images that you can choose for your woodturning are shown on the wood images page.


The gallery page displays your wood-turnings separated into categories. You save your own woodturning designs in the gallery, and are displayed with a small image so it’s easy to find your designs later.

Simple Drawing Tools

Draw your woodturning using the straight line or curve tools. These easy to use tools involve just one tap-and-drag to draw on the design page.

The line tool draws a straight line.

The Bezier draws a curve with two control points.

The Catenary draws a curve with one control point.

The catenary is the curve made by a hanging chain, and has been used for centuries as an aesthetically pleasing curve for vases and urns.

Learn without worry

The undo and redo functions make it quick to learn without worrying about losing your work.

Ready to get started?

Try Creative Woodturner today and join the thousands of users in over 130 countries who have loved it for nearly 20 years. Explore our website to learn more about our features, tools, and customer reviews. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team is ready to assist you.

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